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usafdisabledvet 62M  
85 posts
3/14/2019 1:17 pm
The Journey

We all go through a journey which is called life and we all travel along a different path. We never know whose path will cross ours on this journey. But it is this journey that shapes us and molds us into who we are. Would I have made different choices along the journey things might of been different. But looking back I guess I wouldn't of changed a thing because those choices good or bad is what made me who I am. And I might not be as good of a person otherwise. But I've noticed that as I have researched the d/s lifestyle that it sure isn't a path I want to go down. I have nothing against those that have accepted the lifestyle. I've just seen too many things that make me sick to my stomach. Just because I click on a profile doesn't mean I'm interested. I look at the photos and videos and learn. If someone approaches me with the hey slave check out my profile and tell me if you are interested. Don't be surprised if I call you something you don't expect. I'm not a slave. I'm an individual and a person. When approached with the proper respect then I give the proper respect back. I'm not here to mock your lifestyle so please don't mock mine. It is a choice I make. I may have fantasies and may even share them. But that doesn't mean I'm willing to give up what I already have. It is only through respecting each other and learning that we might come to a place of peace. For the one thing that means more then anything is peace of mind.

Peace Out

usafdisabledvet 62M  
86 posts
3/14/2019 1:18 pm

And how many paths will I cross today or tomorrow or the next day. What impact will it have. Those are things to consider.

DonBrown 60M
60 posts
3/14/2019 1:30 pm

Good article, thank you. DB

ina_scent 63F  
1804 posts
3/14/2019 2:05 pm

I appreciate your words and the goals of self-exploration ou hold dear. To me, finding that inner peace should be a major goal in life. Those that seek find a variety of ways to get down the path, and that's one of the real beauties of the search for meaning and truth.

You can only expand the mind so far before it implodes...

Subfantasy67 52M  
189 posts
3/14/2019 4:07 pm

It is a good post, but, ironically, the people who don't respect who you are aren't likely to read your blog. There are some really awesome people here who are worth knowing. Unfortunately the nature of the site also attracts social outcasts that think Alt means anything goes. All I can do is pity and ignore them. Of course, you are still free to tell them off.
Good journey to you.

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