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Finding the serious 'real people'
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 2:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 8:56 am

It has been a couple of years since I joined up here. In that time I have found very many more fakers that real players. Why is this? I mean, if folk are not serious then why muck about?

The fakers are usually easy to out. They fit a of 'moulds':

1. They refuse under any circumstances and any time to allow real live contact even by secure anonymous messaging apps which provide calls.

2. Their profiles usually have more extreme stuff in them as desires, likes. Extreme is, in my experience, quite rare. It takes a lot of courage and a pain tolerance. Few have these. I know a couple but that is it. So anyone who has the extreme stuff (no safe words, few /no limits) in their profiles make me suspicious immediately.

3. They are always very chatty the first contact, promising to allow/accept everything suggested and even suggesting their own extreme kinks. Then, subsequent contact becomes difficult if not impossible. It is like they got off on the kinky chat but that is what they wanted so having exhausted the possibilities and wary of being sucked in too deep and found out, they move on.

There is a really useful list of likely/possible/probable fakers on strictly1master 's blog page. If anyone reading this knows of fakers, let him know and he will add to his list once he has done his own checks and he is very practiced at this.

For those who are men masquerading as women, sad! Why not be honest or is it because you want the free membership so frequently offered to women but never to men?

For those who want the kinky chat, just say.. I don't mind teasing your mind but do like to know it is just that so I don't waste time trying to run you to ground!

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