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a night at the gym
Posted:Mar 12, 2019 10:40 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2019 9:57 pm

Just so we are clear, I love to crossdress and when I dress, I am very submissive and love to play, when I dress I dress for sex. But when I am not dressed I am a normal guy, kinda on the dominant side, I tend to control conversations, and command the room I am in. in this case I was not dressed, not in the mood to dress. My doctor says I need to eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight, I figure two out three ain’t bad. So, off to the gym I go, my normal gym was closed for a couple of days for an update/remodel. I went to another branch for a workout. I am wearing a t-shirt, some baggy sweets, my hair is back in a ponytail/bun, I am doing my work out, little cardio, a little weights, back to some cardio, no one is paying any attention to me, and there is only a handful of people in the gym, it was pretty late. After my workout, I headed to the lockers to shower and go home. I undress put my clothes in the locker grab my shampoo and conditioner and head to the shower. The showers at this gym are individual tile stalls, with blue plastic show curtains that go down to about 1 foot from the floor. I am in there I had finished washing my hair and I was letting the conditioner sit in my long hair, and I just had start washing my self, when I hear “nice toes” form the other side of the curtain. As I spun around to see what was going on, I remembered that still had my toes nails painted red. As looked down at my toes, the shower curtain flung open, I looked up and there was a guy totally cut, about 6’2” and nicely hung! He then stepped into the shower pulled the curtain closed, he asked “is this ok?” I was in shock and was too busy staring at his thick cock, but I think I nodded yes. He reached around me with both of his arms and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight up against him. Since he was a good foot taller, I could feel his cock against my stomach, and I could feel him getting hard, as kept his hands firmly grasped around my butt cheeks. He then pulled on my butt, to spin me around, and simply said “perfect” he reach up put arms under mine reached up and locked his hands behind my neck, basically a full nelson, he leaned me forward so my hands were up against the side of the stall, I could feel him nice and hard, pressed against my ass, and he just kept grinding away he was between my butt cheeks, the hair conditioner running down my back and butt made it all very nice and slippery he took one hand away and grabbed my hair pulled my hair back, and he just kept thrusting, I kept waiting for him, to dip down and get up in me! I actually wanted him too, I kept trying to move up so he could. he then let go my head and hair and grabbed my waist and pull me as tight as he could against himself, I could feel him cumming, it seemed like minutes. he then leaned down and said “Thanks, I needed that, but I really wanted to fuck you, maybe next time” and with that he got out of the shower.

I proceeded to clean rewash myself, kinda confused and I think, happy with what just happened. I got out of the shower went over to the locker and started to dry myself off, another guy (nowhere near as nice looking as the first guy, but not bad for and older guy) came over and sat down beside me. He had just came off the gym floor, as soon as I put the towel over my head to dry my hair, I felt him grab one of my feet and lift up my foot so I spun around and was laid out flat on my back on the bench. Now, I am thinking, ok here it comes, I am about to get rapped right here in the men's locker room! I feel him grab my other foot so he has both my ankles, but rather than spread my legs apart like I was expecting he puts both my feet together, and brings them down to his crotch, and he start grinding away and fucking my feet, he then lifts one foot up to his mouth and start licking and sucking on my toes. I had never had anyone play with my feet like that and it felt wonderful! he would alternate what foot was in his mouth and which one was against is cock, after a few times going back and forth between each foot, he took both feet down to his crotch and came all over my feet and toes, he then took both feet back up to his mouth and licked them clean. I just laid there for sec stunned again, he finished undressing and went to the showers, once he was in the shower I went into another one quickly washed my feet, got dressed and got out of there.

still debating if I want to go back to that gym. It was definitely a weird night there.

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