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I want to be the rich
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 4:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 7:27 am

I find it humerous that everyone and their mother now wants to be president of the us..

Hell we now have a city mayor that thinks he can win.

So im throwing my hat into the ring...

Why not.. i mean unlike most of the candidates i have nothing in my closet. I didnt sleep my way to the top or take any corporate money, i didnt violate campaign finance rules like a certain latina, i didnt change my name to something
spanish to hide the fact that omg im not a latino., etc

I will simply follow in the footsteps of my new found hero..a humble bartender. She laid the blueprint to my presidency..

I will simply give every group what they want and simply tax the rich 99999999.9 percent to pay for it.

Ill lower the voting age to 6..i mean the sponge bob crowd has to be represented right?

Ill legalize anything that can be taxed.. weed...check...sports betting..check...prostitution..check..

Ill pay you to work only 30 hrs a week.

Free healthcare for all and pizza on mondays...i mean mondays suck enough..why not add pizza?

Ill promise term limits on congress and the supreme court.hell ill expand the supreme court to 3,5000 people so every view is represented...well as long as its my view

Ill use my pres powers to write laws that every coropration must have a black..a latino..a female..a gay..a handicapped..a jew..person on its corporate board..
If they can squash all those quotas into one person then god bless them..

I will see to it that the government dumps trillions into green energy and all gas engines will be outlawed..

you will now have to ride a steetcar ( lucky you)..wait is that a homeless person sitting next to you?
Noone will be able to fly either..( except me and al gore..and the pope..
.cause duhh im the pres and you all are just lil farts..wait did i say that out loud?).
..the rest will take street cars to their destinations..including Hawaii.

I will truck in immigrants 24/7 to fullfill my new gov quotas.. i mean this isnt called mexifornia for nothing.
Fuck a wall.. i will not stop until every white person is housing a latino person. If your lucky you will have to house two.
Black people ofcourse will get the shaft again and have to share a get him m-th..the other family gets him f and the weekends

I will declaire being overweight a disability. You will be able to sue lululemon for not having yoga pants in a size 42.

Finally my fellow americans..i promise to impeach donald trump..( oh wait he'll be out of office..) oh well every other wack job has made this promise
In my next life i want to be white
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 4:03 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 4:54 am

Oh wait...i already am..

I thought being white was supposed to give you priveledge..

Give you this professional career..just let you into any university you want..

Walk into any bank and instantly get any loan..

If a cop pulls you over and sees your white you get off scott free....right?

Oh wait then i must be the wrong type of white...

Im not an 20 yr old white chick with big boob or a millionaire like robert Kraft..neither will see the insides of a jail cell.

Ironally in neither case is anyone screaming white priveledge...why? Because both are rich and connected.

So somehow a middle classed white guy is " priveledged"...but robert kraft isnt?

The DA was just giving him a lesser charge/ plea deal for shits and giggles.

I just love when people throw around the term " white priveledge"... when they really should say money buys you priveledges.

If anything my skin color prevented me from getting a job..such as i was put on a waiting list( i.e. your never getting hired) with other white males with the city fire dept. Meanwhile women and minority candidates that scored lower immediately got hired to fill a quota.
The same goes for any city job..the same goes for universities. Too many white males around...lets just hold them back. Imagine if any other race or gender was treated this way...
Oh wait..a few white women felt this at ucla and sued the school. A few asians felt this and sued. Yet it is legal discrimination done every day by the government and universities.
Im not angry..i was just illustrating that my skin color isnt an advantage.
It held me back from getting high paid city jobs.

Im my next life i want to come back as a white person..i mean the right kind..the green kind.
Im too smart
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 4:59 pm

Nothing pissing the fuck out of more than people insisting educated/ too smart...jealous much?
Chill the fuck out..drop some weed.. not einstein..

From my grammar alone you should be able to tell hardly a rocket scientist.

BUT...i do read..i do learn.

It's something called google clearly shows ..right..

And people fucking the fuck.hump the cat sorta anger hate for it..

My two seconds on google proves your in medical school who the idiot really is..

I think people really Loathe when i right. It really causes them strife.

Just write the damn script..its just water to unearth the honeybadger.
Your not jesus curing the lepers..your some whore is pedding cures for
And yes for all those mother fuckers in blogland..i took organic chemistry..i took comparative anatomy.,. Etc etc etc..

I smart..yet never truely focused.
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My appointment with dr. Binks...( face palm).. jar jar binks
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 4:25 pm

Okay i went to see a doctor today about my blood pressure.
Unfortuately blood pressure measurements can be influenced by the simplest of time of day.
So it's not an exact science.

But if your like me ( lucky you), your job requires you to pass a physical exam.

And your bp reading better be below a certain number ..or else.

So yeah im the type if he.(.fill in the blank)...drinks a beer or farts in the wind or bp goes .

So sitting on the table in the exam room..i dont an exam..i dont anything looked ..hell probably the easist patient the doctor had all day.

I just want a script for some water pills.

So waiting and in walks literally a matt stone clone ( dr who)...tall, goofy son of a 6'6..gangly as all fuck,190lbs dripping wet type.

And ofcourse this doctor has the personal interaction skills of a homeschooler locked in the basement..

Yep i got dr jar jar binks...the type of guy thinks he is cool/ funny but comes off as annoyingly creepy.

Fuck me.

So i talk about my situation and how i to lower my bp for this work physical..

In the meantime i talk about the stupid things can mess a bp test ( like taking benedryl instead of loridane for allergies.

And this guy starts to contradict some of my statements..
Only then to agree with me about the same point two minutes later. ( like the size of the bp cuff influencing the test)
Huh?... i just said .

Now the honey badger...when pissed it is very can easily read it in my face.
It got to the point where this doc punched in the arm and kidded if i was mad.

Like i said it was like a bad comedy routine....with my punchline..

Jjjjjjjussstttttt write the fucking prescription.

He tried to lighten the mood and asked me about my family..

(Deadpan me.)..they're all dead..


Yes to you want me to tell you about my brother dying of aggressive skin cancer?

Then a minute later he goes back to the same question ( apparently his go to question)..

I reply my family is dead.. ( not sure how plain i can be)..( pin drop dead pan silence)

So instead of just writting the script he wants to prove to me wrong about bp.

He keeps on insisting okay healthwise.
Not sure why he is so fucking anal about writing a script for a water pill...youd think i was asking for an 8 ball of coke.

My bp was like 135/90 and yes i wanted to go all " savage" mode on him...much like you want to do when jar jar is on the screen.

Then he talked down to and said i to stop getting info from face book..

the harvard school of medicine insist 135 is pre hypertension

This doctor insist 140 and below is..." healthy"..

Er they revised standard in 2017.
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The ncaa tournament
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 2:32 pm

I love how they hype this tournament.

99 percent of people either don't know the teams or players or even watched a game.

Yet we all fill out a bracket at work...for some reason.
And yes the woman that based her choices on team colors usually ends up winning the pool.

Why? Cause the men also have no clue if bum fuck u is actually better than st marys of Uganda.

They say the tournament's ratings fall dramatically off after the first round because most brackets are busted.

Why do we care? Maybe it is a nice diverson from our work place.
But its hardly march madness
Jack the ripper
Posted:Mar 20, 2019 4:24 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 7:48 am

I think its " cute" that researchers are trying to make a name for themselves by claiming they know who jack the ripper is...

The new spin..dna testing...

What is this an ad for

Yeah lets examine a piece of " evidence" that is a 100 yrs old ( and obviously isnt tainted) deduce the murderer.

Total bs ncis garbage...

Lets just end this for all time....its " robert craft"..
No not the actual guy...but a rich well to do gentleman that gets a pass by law enforcement based on his wealth and status.

You can look at many suspects as you like from the lower barbers or butchers etc.
But they wouldnt have the means for quick escapes or concealing evidence.

There is a reason jack was never caught.
Wow my reaction to my reaction blog on vlad..just lile youtube
Posted:Mar 20, 2019 4:13 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 4:13 am

Wow i thought i would atleast get 1 reply...

Must have struck a nerve...

A man doesn't walk into a car lot unless he wants to buy a car.

A man doesn't devote 14 hrs plus a week to flooding unless there is a reason.

Most men dont devote 14 hrs plus a week to their wives...

I guess if i devoted more time or energy to this i would find my answer.

But honestly it/ he isn't that important. The flood is rather boring..without any kaos...much like a child coloring outside the lines.

Kinda funny how he is doubling down and acting like his blog has some sorta importance..
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My reaction to vlad..yes kiddies just like on youtube
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 6:54 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 3:58 am

First off it was a honor to have the vampire lord reply to my humble blog
Like i said it is rare for me to ban anyone. That only happens when someone attacks me directly.
I have no problem with someone stating an opposing view point.

Like i stated vlad was never banned on my blog.

So i'm to understand you put in 14 hrs plus hrs a week to create a blog flood...

For personal reasons? Cause you can? As a big fuck you...?

Dude that basically is a second job ( well in this new econony i mean).

So you created something that you said noone cares about except me ( apparently) doubt over half of your views/ clicks are spam bots ( like mine). So few real members even see your actual postings from the flood.

I stated that flooding honestly has little effect on the actual blog mechanism ( so i doubt your intentions are directed at alt). Even so alt doesnt care.

You release your flood approximately the same time every day ( so its not like your gunning for a certain member).

You put alot of time and effort into something that basically gets ignored..

14 hrs a week..finding..posting..deleting all those pics
.to be ignored... ?

For no money,no pussy..

.fuck my blog even has more hits than yours.

Did i pussy

So there must be some other mechanism at play here...

Your not using alt as a stepping stone or platform to promote yourself... i mean its not like your promoting your twitch channels " vampire lord" now playing "call of duty". You honestly might consider it

The flood/ music selections seem random...your blog isn't directed/ dedicated towards any one person...for good or bad.

So what is your motivation?
It's one thing to be a dick..its another level to devote 14 hrs a week to it. So my spider sense tells me that your not trolling on a personal level.
This honestly feels more business like

If anything your blog feels like filler... its like your compelled to crank out something for someone to meet a deadline?

So my best guess so far is you have some sort of " arrangement" with alt that goes beyond a freebie membership.
Perhaps something like getting paid for content?

You make sure you multiple post at least 12 copies a atleast the letter l
Why not just 5 in a row? Why not 7?.
Why stop at z?

I mean if you really wanted to troll you would have doubled your effort. I encouraged you to do multiples.

I also find it ironic that you enjoyed my brief flooding of the blogs..
Something about me joining the darkside.

My flooding was intentional. Designed only to repeat until your enteries were flooded off the board.
Cute,effective...but alot of work.
A fraction of the time you dedicated to yours.

Yours on the other hand were on a time schedule.

I think you'd be mad that someone was using your tactics against you..i managed to wash away 2 hrs of your work with 10 minutes of effort. Yet you weren't upset. You encouraged me to continue?

Unless ofcourse your own flooding blog means nothing to you.

So to wrap this up...
Flooding...they don't care...i don't have time to care...alt doesn't you care?

If not they why are we in this circle jerk

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An letter to vlad ( please are not might enjoy it)
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 4:33 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2019 8:18 pm

To preface this blog im gonna say i don't know vlad, have no clue about this blogger,never read his blog etc.

Of late some of the members here have suggested that im equally at fault and have been stirring the pot.
Some have even suggested that im obsessed.

Well..duhh sorta comes with the territory when you have ocd..

Anyway never read any of vlads blogs i decided to wade into the flood and see what's it all about.

At first i thought vlad was a russian bot or at worst a lazy troll merely cutting and pasting the same post multiple times.

But i was amazed ( by todays post atleast) each posting a-z contains a different picture....
That was a pleasant surprise.

I started to look at the time stamping on each posting...spaced two to three minutes apart....each posting and reply to that posting was spaced a minute apart..

So do the math...vlad floods like 26 times ( with a-z) he devotes over an hour plus a day just to flood.
Add to that the time spent gathering 26 pics for each posting/ deleteing said pics off the harddrive..etc
So roughly he expends 2 to 3 hrs a day in order to flood the blogs.
Sometimes he floods twice a day

Now that's dedication...

If he was merely a troll he could simply just randomly hit
A space
A reply
B space
B reply

It would have a similar effect at half the effort.

So it made me wonder why?...why go through all this effort?..
Flooding doesn't make you the number 1 blogger.
It certainly doesn't stop people from blogging...the actual damage to the site is minimal.
It isn't targeted against certain occures about the same time
There is no trophy or money to be made on alt with a blog..
Alt gives you a gold membership for lil effort.

Alt does nothing to regulate this behavior...and honestly i believe most members have come to just accept it.

It isn't isn't disruptive...hell it isn't even artistic.

Vlad's floods get few clicks no matter how many times he post.

A well thought out blog would get more hits with half the effort.

So it makes me wonder why he continues with this vlad just an internet troll?, is he a bot, is he a bored alt employee, is he just a lonely person with alot of time on his hands.

I mean come on.... if im putting in two hours a day x 7 days a week there better be something in there for me ( pussy?...are there troll groupies?...

I mean vlad at least consider a youtube channel or a twitch account...
Atleast then you could be making money from such computer dedication.

And honestly vlad isn't getting under my skin...i have no clue who he is..
But im curious as to why he floods...
Hopefully he will respond and enlighten the masses.
Best 4 way combo
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 6:41 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2019 3:48 am

Just curious .. what is the best combo..

The seinfeld....3 dudes..1 woman
Sex in the city..4 women by themselves.
The A team..4 dudes in a van.
Will & grace...2 gay dudes, 2 women
The flintstones..hubby/ wife..wife/hubby
Roseanne...hubby/wife..lesbian...and tom arnold ( lil joke).. hubby wife and 2 lesbians

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