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likesmatureones 50M  
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3/14/2019 8:18 pm
The nature of humans..are we evil or is it a learned behavior...the video game addition

Ive been watching alot of youtube of late..even though i play videogames, not big on engaging in player vs player/ doing it online..
But it's fun watching others play.

It made ponder on whether people are naturally evil/ bully or is it a learned behavior.
Alot of the games ( fortenite, players unknown battle grounds, of duty,rust etc)...are basically or be killed..loot or be looted once your dead...
And yes spout off to your opponent. Alot of folks talk shit during these games.

It's sorta like playing world of warcraft where some douchebag runs around killing all the new players and stealing their shit.

Sure i get that the players are in survical mode..but it seemed like alot of the players really relished in being complete assholes/trolls/ dicks..
They enjoyed dominating the weaker players.

So i will say that evil is evil...i really don't believe a violent video game makes one violent..or turns one into a troll.

Rather i believe the game/ the platform allows this person an oppertunity to really express their inner garbage.
For some it really flows when they are in their mom's basement behind the safety of a computer screen

Ive watched alot of chanels...and sure the youtubers/ twitch players looted,killed, etc...but alot of times they said " gg"..good game.
Or there was times where the players in the game rust actually traded resources, made agreements not to attack their neighbors..or even helped a newbie player out.

Meanwhile the douchecanoe player will simply shoot you in the head.

Sure i get the concept of being classicallyconditioned while playing a game. If someone is salty to you, it's hard to remain a gentleman.

But i still don't believe it turns you onto the darkside

likesmatureones 50M  
2933 posts
3/14/2019 8:18 pm

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