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gymrat1974 44F  
14 posts
3/14/2019 12:36 pm
Getting something off my chest

It is confession time again. I am currently sleeping with someone for whom I have absolutely no physical attraction. It’s not that I don’t find him drop dead gorgeous or that his earlobes don’t match. No, I mean I have absolutely no physical desire for him at all. I am OK with him doing things to me as long as he does them well, but I have no desire to put my mouth on him. I have no desire to put my hands all over his body. I have no desire to even look at him naked. When I am with him, I completely detach myself from the fact that he is who he is. I’ve been naked with him twice now, well, three times if you count that one time when he gave me a massage and left empty handed. I have had his hands roaming every inch of my body, and I think to myself he can put his hands on me and his mouth on me, and if he does a good job with those things, then maybe he can put his penis in me, but I cannot offer any reciprocity other than to receive his cock in my ever ready pussy. And while I feel slightly guilty about this, he seems to be quite OK with it all, especially since getting off is no issue for him whatsoever...but that’s a whole different story.

keithandrew1967 51M  
566 posts
3/14/2019 1:01 pm

each to there own. enjoy

DonBrown 60M
60 posts
3/14/2019 1:33 pm

Take what you can, when you cam. DB

usafdisabledvet 62M  
86 posts
3/14/2019 1:50 pm

sounds like a break up is coming soon. Best of luck with what you are really searching for.

Dreamcatcher__ 82M
5333 posts
3/14/2019 2:54 pm

Oooo I love a mystery. Do tell us more. Is this one of those be-careful-what-you-ask-for situations?

drmgirl622 63F  
9320 posts
3/14/2019 6:32 pm

i suppose i just don't understand wanting this type of relationship.......we all have our own choices and i definitely respect yours

gymrat1974 replies on 3/14/2019 7:03 pm:
It’s not really a relationship. It’s sex for the sake of sex. I’m completely single and alone. We all have needs to be met. At least I do. He’s meeting a couple of them for me. And I’m sure I meet a few of his.

Jag_60 60M  
1140 posts
3/14/2019 7:12 pm

Now that you gotten that off your chest and obviously you feel better, hopefully he will graduate from simply willing to feed your greedy pussy to attaching a few well intended clamps to your breast and really get your detached adrenaline flowing.

gymrat1974 replies on 3/14/2019 7:29 pm:
That would be delightful

likesmatureones 50M  
2931 posts
3/14/2019 8:39 pm

But really what do you got...a penis/ a fuck?...
Last time i looked like half the population had a dick.

Why are you settling for something so empty?

gymrat1974 replies on 3/15/2019 3:19 am:
It’s not really settling. It’s in the meantime , and it’s not like all those other penises you mentioned are beating down my door.

CuriousSubSlut2 42M
3 posts
3/15/2019 4:15 am

    Quoting likesmatureones:
    But really what do you got...a penis/ a fuck?...
    Last time i looked like half the population had a dick.

    Why are you settling for something so empty?

gymrat1974 replies on 3/15/2019 4:18 am:
I responded to this already.

Jinali 39F  
68 posts
3/15/2019 8:59 am

Pity runs out but if they're genuinely decent people you may find attractions grow. I was never attracted to a few that I kept close contact with, ex-husband, first boyfriend, first sex encounters, ugh, just ugly, but unknowing we hope to find something attractive. Self abuse in terms of self love. Some need another person to feel complete. I personally prefer to be alone than participate in the life of low lifes. Every adult has that freedom. Hope he knows how you feel. It puts a nice twist on the level of kink. Plus can reduce elements of self disappointment. Tons like him everywhere. Play nice.

gymrat1974 replies on 3/15/2019 12:27 pm:
I am alone most of the time, and I absolutely enjoy my own company. Sometimes it’s nice to play. I’ve made my position clear. And I’m not the type to take advantage of anyone. Our having sex with one another is mutually beneficial.

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