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I will give you what you need and more
Posted:Mar 11, 2019 7:56 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2019 8:7 am

You have joined this website and are looking at my profile because you want to be my sub, my slave, my playmate, my property. You want me to bind you so tightly that there is no chance of escape. You want me to gag you so tightly that you cannot even manage a single “mmmmphhhh.” You want me to discipline and train you. I will do all of this and more. I am very strict and have zero tolerance for disobedience or mistakes. I will never show you any mercy. I won’t hear you trying to beg for mercy because your mouth will be stuffed with my sweaty, cum filled jock strap held in place with a huge ball-gag. You will do everything I say or I will punish you so severely that you be begging for mercy as you writhe in pain and pleasure. Most of the time you be ring-gagged and my thick, large, juicy, cum-filled cock will be deep down your throat. You will be tasting my thick, creamy, steaming hot cum all of the time…I promise!!!! When I cum in your mouth, over and over again, your mouth and throat will struggle to contain all of the cum I feed to you. But, you will taste every drop of me. If you spill my cum, I will punish you with nipple clamps, a leather discipline hood, and I will fuck your ass for hours with no break for you. The 3 foot spreader bar on your ankles, along with you other bindings will ensure the most painful and torturous experience possible….This is just the beginning of your adventure. Next, I am going to….

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