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SirStevenandsubs 57G  
27 posts
2/22/2019 6:51 am
Fact or fiction

Due to reports from third parties, the fact that I am a little vocal and tend to call out the fake "alt girls", and a number of comments from fan boys its come to my attention that I may have developed something less than a stellar reputation.

So the question:

Is the slagging deserved?

And just for grins I promise not to delete any of the less than glowing remarks, not that I expect there will be any.

Netural - I don't know of you and don't care.
Negitive - I have seen you action and less than stellar is being kind
Positive - I think a poor reputation of you is undeserved based on what I have noticed
Courious - How is it that I can be involved with you and your girl Becky
Very Negitive- You earned everything you get you fucking dog
Very Positive - I have seen you in action and if I were not me, I would want to be you
Very netural - I can't form a proper opinion, you don't show your cock

SirStevenandsubs 57G  
57 posts
2/22/2019 6:53 am

Let the games begin!

Daddyslilpunkin 42F  
241 posts
2/22/2019 7:01 am

Aww Sir, why is there not an option, of I love you more than cupcakes and wine? You're tastes have evolved, you're a one sub man....mayhaps it's the fact you're a shit disturber
I think you're the best but I could be biased. xxxx

You found parts of me I didn’t know existed and in you I found a love I no longer believed was real.

SirStevenandsubs 57G  
57 posts
2/22/2019 7:03 am

How touching, poll over.

SkidRowAndHorny 60M
1 post
2/22/2019 7:07 am

who dis tho? Is this another one of those old fat chicks who cam trying to be popular? Dem bitches need to retire.

If you calling out the fakes, the scammers, and videos ya ain't bad. If you one of dem pumas cryin for attention you fina be sad.

Jinali 39F  
68 posts
2/23/2019 12:49 am

I forget to compliment shirt choices, personal style...that's an awful shirt. Besides that only an uneducated guess... It's not even yours or close to something you would purchase. Invest in a nice pair of gloves and stop harassing the help. They've already broken/busted enough dick and wallets to make a few herds of cattle and plenty of hog pens less than fortunate. If I only had my fairy wand instead of this bat.

tastetester61 57M  
8 posts
2/23/2019 6:00 am

Fakes? What fakes? They're all real 'files on this site.

100mph_tongue 65M
1738 posts
2/24/2019 4:45 am

Steven if your calling out the fakes and frauds then job well done. Now all we need is ALT to get their shit together and can the accounts of the fakes that you and me and a whole heap of others are identifying. I say fuck em and all of their twisted no substance supporters, and let us get back to a site that has some credibility.

Keep up the good work mate!

Bettyanne5219 66F  
9 posts
2/25/2019 9:24 am

Sir Steven, What is your thought about has been?

PinkLilKitty 44F  
1 post
2/25/2019 9:57 am

Some very near and dear would be called out then

SirStevenandsubs 57G  
57 posts
2/26/2019 4:34 am

    Quoting Bettyanne5219:
    Sir Steven, What is your thought about has been?
My thoughts and opinions of has beens are well known and not positive as I have made clear often enough.

It is not like I am one to tell you sweet things, then behind your back tell others things far less kind. You know, the kind of girl that if and when confronted with such back biting will either deny such slander or at a minimum, down play the frequency and content of such.

SirStevenandsubs 57G  
57 posts
2/26/2019 7:16 am

To her credit though, she has never said a cross word about boo. But its not like we talk a lot these days so who knows.

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