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3/14/2019 5:07 pm
Trish showed me the Island.

It was breathtakingly beautiful but also dangerous. I spied a tropical plant with purple fruit surrounding its stem and Trish warned not to taste it. "The animals around here all avoid it except for the Cannibal Mantis mice who are the only ones who can eat it." We decided to gather some so I could take it back to Dr Sullivan for testing. Then I asked her. "Last night you warned me about going outside in the dark, what did you mean?"
"There's several species of constrictors here but we will be fine so long as we keep the doors and windows shut at night." She said. "It's funny how you'd think they'd be on top of the food chain here but they're not."
" The Cannibal mice hunt them down in packs and can devour a whole snake in less than an hour." " They are the land equivalent of the piranha." I wondered if she was joking but it did remind me of what I had seen. " There's also several species here with edible sap like Maple syrup or Miena cider gum." I suggested we take some samples of them too. We were really tired out when we returned so I gathered some wood to heat up her makeshift tub so we could relax in there for a while.
We sipped tea sweetened with some of the native bees honey and shared faint recollections of life on Earth.

4Faksake 55M
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3/14/2019 5:11 pm

It's a confused landscape.

Imagined quandaries with real solutions.

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